“Clients facing immigration issues have one of the toughest fights in the entire legal system. The laws are crafted to be biased against those wishing to come or stay in the country, and those in the system are unwilling to listen to those that do not have an attorney on their side. It is our honor to fight and win for you.”

- S. Yossof Sharifi
Founding Partner, Sharifi & Baron PLLC

We Are Experienced 

The immigration attorneys at Sharifi & Baron have the experience and dedication to fight hard for their clients. The immigration system can leave one feeling alone, and frightened.

Unfortunately, many attorneys will take your money and not fight for you. They will take cases they know nothing can be done on, often charging enormous fees, and leave their clients worse off than they were before hiring an attorney.

We feel this type of representation is a tragedy. Many clients come to immigration attorneys on the worst days of their life, and to have their attorneys take advantage of them is despicable. Don’t let that happen to you. As former prosecutors, we know how to fight hard and win for you.

Former employment for our team includes the Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s Office, the Utah Attorney General’s Office, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Utah Legal Aid Society, giving us the courtroom experience to fight for our clients and attain favorable outcomes.

Our firm has experience in all forms of immigration cases including Deportation & Removal Defense, Waivers, Green Cards, Permanent Resident Status, Business Visas, Release from Detention, BIA Appeals, Religious Workers, Investor Visas, Circuit Court Appeals & Petitions For Review, Lawsuits to Challenge Prolonged Detention, Asylum, Cancellation of Removal, Domestic Violence & Abused Spouses, Child Abuse Victims, United States Citizenship, Work Permits (E.A.D.), Consular Cases, Employment Visas, Students, Interns and Trainees, Athletes, Entertainers & Artists and Labor Certifications.

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We Are Aggressive

> Our client was facing deportation for several felony criminal convictions. We held a trial in immigration court, arguing the underlying offenses did not qualify him for deportation. The judge agreed over the strenuous arguments of the ICE attorney, and our client was not deported.

> Our client had been in the United States for several years and wished to become a citizen. However, she had no family she could cite to qualify for a petition. After months of investigation, we found a qualifying relative. She received her family based petition, and is currently residing permanently in the United States.

> Our client was charged with several counts of theft. If convicted, ICE had the intention of deportation. We fought the criminal charges, and convinced the prosecution to offer a non-jailable offense, saving our client from deportation. She now lives legally in the United States and is on her way to becoming a citizen.

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We Are Reliable

We offer flexible payment options and reasonable rates for your situation. Call us today at 801.656.1901 for a free consultation on your case. If attempting to reach us after hours or on weekends, please fill out the form on our contact page and an attorney will contact you within 24 hours.

We serve all counties and cities in the state of Utah.

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