Adoption Attorneys


“No field of law gives an attorney more satisfaction than adoptions. Being able to unite families in such an intimate and long-lasting way brings us nothing but joy. It’s our pleasure to help you in this endeavor, and ensure that the outcome you want is achieved.”

S. Yossof Sharifi, Founding Partner, Sharifi & Baron


Our Team of Attorneys Will Work Tirelessly For You

Adoptions is a specific field of law and few attorneys can handle them effectively. You need a firm that knows what they’re doing, and can achieve the desired results without costing excessive fees. Our attorneys can help you from beginning to end in this process, and our fees are less than most adoption agencies.

Whatever Your Adoption Needs, We Can Get it Done

Whether you are a step-parent adopting your spouse’s child, or a couple that simply wishes to add a new member to the family, or a grandparent that needs to adopt your grandchild, our firm will take care of you. From the moment you decide to adopt, to the moment the document is officially signed in court granting you full parental rights, you can rest assured that you are in capable, caring hands.

Begin Your Family With Our Family

Aside from extensive experience and a long list of happy family law clients, our firm understands adoptions from a personal perspective. Many of our attorneys have adopted children of their own, and some have grown up in adopted families. We know the hurdles families wishing to adopt must face, and we will face them with you.

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