Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys

“There are few personal injury attorneys in the state that have conducted as many trials as the attorneys at Sharifi & Baron. We have the experience to take care of you every step of the way so you can focus on getting better, and getting back to doing the things you love to do.”

-S. Yossof Sharifi
Founding Partner, Sharifi & Baron PLLC

We’ll Help You Get Back on Your Feet


When you have been involved in an accident, it can take over your life. Medical appointments, doctors’ bills, fixing your car… It can get overwhelming.

At Sharifi & Baron, we want to take that load off your shoulders.

We’ll make sure you get the care you need without worrying about the cost. We’ll make sure your car gets fixed. We’ll handle the insurance company. We’ll make sure your medical bills are deferred so you aren’t hassled while you’re focusing on getting better.

We’ll worry about getting all the legal issues resolved so that you don’t have to. You can get back to spending time with the people you love and the things you love to do.

Our Promise to You

We won’t allow anyone, not the insurance companies, the medical providers, or even the police, to bully or threaten you. Our attorneys have the trial expertise to navigate the most complex personal injury cases and ensure our clients are taken care of every step of the way.

We have the experience to fight and make sure your needs are met throughout the process. For example, we recently recovered $200,000 for a woman who injured her foot. A case many seasoned personal injury lawyers she consulted with before our firm wouldn’t take because they didn’t believe they could settle it or win at trial. We have the know-how to fight insurance companies and win.

Getting in an accident can take over your life. We can help get your life back on track. Let us worry about the insurance company while you go back to living your life.


Don’t Wait, Contact Us Today

Our consultations are always free and we don’t charge you anything unless we win. 

Call us today at (801) 656-1901 for a free consultation on your case. If attempting to reach us after hours or on weekends, please fill out the form above and an attorney will contact you within 24 hours. As always, you do not pay us unless we win for you.

We serve all counties and cities in the state of Utah.