Juvenile Criminal Defense

Mother With Teenage Son Sitting On Sofa At Home“No parent is prepared for the nightmare of having your child go through the juvenile justice system. It is not unheard of for a good child to go into the juvenile court system, be sentenced to detention, and come out with worse behavioral problems than when they went in. That’s why I take these cases very seriously and devote more time to them than any other case I handle. I work closely with parents to ensure that their children are treated fairly and that they do not end up a tragic statistic. Do not let your children go through this alone. You’ve taken care of them their entire lives. Let me take care of them now.”

S. Yossof Sharifi

Founding Partner, Sharifi & Baron PLLC

Why Juvenile Criminal Cases Are So Different


In most state and city criminal cases, the prosecution and judge are not working together to achieve a certain outcome. Every party has their own agenda and is working toward achieving their goals. In the juvenile justice system however, the goal is punishment and rehabilitation. The probation officer, the prosecutor and the judge all work in concert. Due process was not given to children until very recently and they are still not entitled to a jury trial but only a bench, or judge, trial. The system is stacked against them from the start.

Why We Win Juvenile Criminal Cases


Almost all of our attorneys are former prosecutors or have worked in prosecution offices. We have seen the system from the other side and understand what prosecutors are looking for. In the juvenile system, the prosecution is, or at least should be, just as worried about the defendant, called the respondent in juvenile court, as they are about the victim. In working closely with the prosecution and with the probation officer assigned to the juvenile at the outset of the case, we can reach a resolution that everyone is happy with. Much of the time, we can prevent the charges from even getting to court if our firm is retained early enough.



Former employment for our attorneys include the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, the Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s Office, the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s Office, the Salt Lake Legal Defender’s Office, and the Utah Legal Aid Society, giving us the experience to win for our clients.

We Handle all forms of juvenile criminal charges including:

  • Homicide
  • Gang Violence
  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Alcohol & Drug Offenses
  • White Collar and Business Crimes
  • Immigration Crimes

Flexible Payment Options


We offer payment options and reasonable rates for our juvenile criminal cases.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.


Juvenile cases are extremely time sensitive and court dates typically cannot be rescheduled to fit an attorney’s schedule. You must hire an attorney early in your case to allow them maximum time to prepare for the first appearance.

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