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"Don't let just anyone handle your expungement. I can't tell you how many times clients have hired us to fix a problem that a cheap expungement service has caused. Your life and your criminal record are too important to trust to just anyone. Hire the firm that professionals trust when they need a record sealed or expunged and I promise you we will get the job done right the first time."

-S. Yossof Sharifi
Founding Partner, Sharifi & Baron PLLC


Let Us Clean Your Record for You

Criminal Defense Attorney for UtahThe expungement attorneys at Sharifi & Baron have the experience and dedication to get your expungement handled right. 

Unfortunately, many services will take your money, push you through the process, and hope that everything turns out favorable. Most expungement services are not attorneys and do not understand or can give advice about the law in Utah. 

We feel this type of representation is a tragedy. Many clients wait years to have a criminal conviction expunged, and to have a service take advantage of them is despicable. Don't let that happen to you. As former prosecutors, we know the system inside and out.


Recent Expungements

Salt Lake Criminal Defense

2014: Our client had three criminal charges including a felony on their record. We managed to expunge all three charges in under ninety days. 

2013: Our client had a sex offense on their record. Through negotiation with the prosecution on the old case, we were able to reduce it one level which qualified it for expungement.  

2013: Our client had a domestic violence conviction on her record which we managed to expunge. She now received the job she was unable to obtain before. 

2013: Our client had a conviction from twenty-five years ago on his record that was still causing problems. Through an in-depth analysis of the original case, we were able to expunge his record and clear it of any charges. 

2013: Our client was convicted of a felony. We reduced the charge, post-guilty plea, qualified it for expungement, and the client will soon have it removed. 



Experienced Expungement Attorneys

Former employment for our team includes the Salt Lake City Prosecutor's Office, the Utah Attorney General's Office, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Pulaski County Prosecutor's Office, and the Utah Legal Aid Society, giving us the courtroom experience to fight for our clients and attain favorable outcomes.

Our firm has experience in expunging all forms of criminal charges including:


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